About Us

sblo5599Segev Law offices -Founded in 2006 by Attorney Amir Segev
The law firms’ main area of practice since its establishment, until today, and in which Amir Segev specializes, is in the area of real estate.

In this field our firm provides professional services to its clients; unique, personal, comprehensive and thorough, transactions of purchasing and selling of real estate property of all types and uses, in Israel and abroad. This includes apartments, plots of land (private and agricultural), structures and buildings, offices and businesses, factories and industrial businesses, commercial real estate rentals. Segev Law Offices has also recently developed the unique expertise of representing tenants in residential buildings that require renovation or rebuilding of the structure through the program mita’er arzit 38 (TM”A 38).

Our firm works regularly with construction companies and developers including Azorim, Africa Israel, Gindi, Hajaj brothers, Berggruen, Acro Real Estate, etc. who are among the largest in the field.
Among the construction companies and the developers in the field of real estate in which the firm works with regularly are the largest in the field including Azorim, Africa Israel, Gindi, Hajaj brothers, Berggruen, Acro Real Estate, etc.
Another area of expertise that our firm specializes in is the establishment of companies in Israel and abroad (offshore) on behalf of our clients.

As part of the service that we provide our clients with legal advice that encompasses comprehensive assistance in matters of taxation (in collaboration with the leading accounting firm in Israel, Brightman Almagor Zohar and Co – Deloitte), in the field of planning and construction, establishing complex trusts, drafting agreements in regards to family and inheritance, including prenuptial agreements, Estate and will distribution agreements, and many other fields.
Additionally, our firm provides for its clients the service of binding of collections, including opening and portfolio management in Hotza La’Poal (Writ of execution).

Segev Law Offices negotiates on behalf of our clients and provides services of drafting professional contracts in all areas, mediation and corporate litigation.
Areas in which we assist our clients, among others, are extensive relationships with professionals in architecture, appraisal, financial, experts in taxation and international taxation, builders, developers, banks in Israel and abroad, funders and financial services, realtors, companies and insurance agents, and others. Another area which has developed in the last two years is the legal support from top to bottom of international productions, including Romeo and Juliet, SALT & HONEY and other productions.

Segev Law Offices was established by Amir Segev after he left his job as legal advisor for the city of Kiryat Milachi.
The firm also currently functions as a unique boutique firm for international clients with an emphasis on the French speaking community.
In 2008 the firm merged with Advocates Kineret Barashi, specializing in Criminal Law.

As part of the merge the firm managed cases of great public significance, which included appearing in the Supreme Court of Israel.
Over the years, the firm acquired several other attorneys who specialize in specific areas and now employ four attorneys specializing in different fields.
In 2009 attorney Leslie Akon Kalfa joined the firm following her aliyah.

Attorney Akon Kalfa brought the French fragrance and expanded greatly the practice of rental management.
Recently, Attorney Asaf Vaknin, joined Segev Law Offices. In the past he was a key journalist in different media organizations and former owner of a firm action in related fields to the function of the office. He has a unique expertise in legal writing and legal litigation in various courts.

The firm regularly employs a head secretary, an additional secretary, and intern (or pre-intern).
The firm’s motto is to provide full service and individual attention to the relevant legal needs of each client.
The seniority of the office and accumulated experience, including relationships created over the years enables our firm to link our clients to various professional bodies in related areas, operating as a ONE – STOP SHOP.